Please Join Us

Donate your financial support: Gulf Bend can help treat those with mental illness for just $13 a day. Compare that to $130 a day to keep someone in jail, or $400 a day to keep them in a state hospital. With your generous contributions, Gulf Bend can help keep more people living with their families, working at their jobs and contributing to our community. You can send your tax-deductible contributions directly to Gulf Bend, or donate online at

Donate your time: From mowing grass to providing professional services, any assistance you can give to Gulf Bend Center will free up more resources to be put toward patient care. Contact us today to find out where we can use your unique skills and abilities to help ease the suffering of friends and neighbors.

Donate your voice: We need your help to get our communities talking about how we can work together to help those suffering with mental illness. Talk to your friends, your co-workers, your social clubs and circle of friends. Contact us for resources to help get the conversation rolling in your corner of the community.